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Beans on Toast / Tensheds

27. September 2022 | 19:30 22:00

ACHTUNG: Das Konzert – verschoben vom 10.03.2021 auf den 27.09.2022 – muss leider ausfallen. Tickets können zurückgegeben werden.

Das Statement von Beans:

Hello Folks,

Beans here. I’m really sorry to say, but we’re gonna cancel the

upcoming run of shows in Germany. Including the show you’ve got a
ticket for.
We couldn’t make the numbers work for a short run like this at such a
busy time for touring. The plan will be to come back as soon as
possible for a longer run, with a bit more time to promote the tour. I
Love Germany, and it’s an incredible place to travel around – so I

promise I’ll see you soon. Refunds are available at point of purchase.
I’ll still be performing at Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival in Berlin.

Beans xxx

UK Folk legend BEANS ON TOAST will be returning to Germany this Autumn for a quick whiz around the Country. The self-proclaimed „Ignorant Englishman“ has something of a love affair for the country and its fine people and can’t wait to finally get back after the big you know what. For this run of shows, he’ll be joined by the piano playing prodigy Tensheds, a long time musical companion who will be both opening the show and also joining Beans on stage for a few numbers.

Beans on Toast writes simple songs about complicated subjects and never fails to celebrate the beauty of human existence. His live shows are both inspiring and entertaining, a relaxed and fun affair that leaves you feeling like you’ve met up with an old friend, and you’re all the better for it. 

Musical shapeshifter TENSHEDS brings his unique brand of gritty alt. blues crashing into the 21st Century with his audacious showmanship and Rachmaninoff style virtuosic piano skills. Channeling the likes of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Jack White, this award-winning, Classically trained maestro, uses his undeniable skill to effortlessly weave between fuzzedup garage blues and heart-wrenching ballads, taking the listener on a musical rollercoaster.

Over the past ten years Tensheds has established himself as one of the UK’s most unique and versatile performers. With his audacious showmanship and Rachmaninoff style virtuosic piano skills, this is an
artist unstoppable in his pursuit to Make The Piano King. Having released 5 critically acclaimed albums and won numerous awards – ‘House Of Lords Discretional Rock Award‘, ‘PRS UK Unsigned Award’, Tensheds real home is on the stage, and his insatiable appetite for touring has even won him the Guinness Word Record for Most Gigs Performed in 24 Hours.

Originally training as a classical pianist at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music – performing his first classical concert aged 6, Tensheds uses his remarkable skillset to truly innovate and push boundaries. This coupled with the multi- instrumentalists absolute refusal to pigeonhole his music, sees him constantly evolving and often drawing comparisons to the likes of Waits, Cave, Dylan and White.

Tensheds real magic lies in his live performances. His unmistakable unique style and rare ability to blend gritty punk blues with heartfelt piano ballads takes his audience on a rollercoaster ride of heart-wrenching to foot stomping.

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